wikiHow to Use Ancient Astrology to Destroy Shia LaBeouf ft. Remy (HTM #31)

March 12, 2017

Shia LaBeouf gets his flag stolen in a real life match of capture the flag, nobody watches game shows, and a woman calls a cancer patient a Nazi, all of this and more in today's delicious sack of Happy Trail Mix! Be sure to tune in for a new episode every Sunday!

Is Shia your best friend poll?

Topic 1 4Chan Ruins Shia LaBeouf's Life Using Astrology

Topic 2 Awards Shows We Actually Watch

Topic 3 Happy wikiHow Game ft. Your Host That Can Boast, Lockhrin

Topic 4 Child Ruins Weatherman's Life Using Flatulence

Topic 5 Women Aren’t Fucking Funny, Please Stop Trying


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