Jake Paul Is Terrible, Weed Sells Weed, And A Wife’s Dress-Gun (HTM S02E01)

August 6, 2017

Don't you hate it when you get married, and your wife immediatley pulls a gun on you? Have you ever gotten your chronic from a man named Weed? And Jake Paul is the Vine star that is more disgusting than we ever could be. New zany episode of Happy Trail Mix every Sunday!

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Topic 1 The Newlywed Gun Game: Wife pulls out a pistol from her dress and aims at hubby

Topic 2 Man named Weed Trafficks Weed

Shoutout Meddling Kids Pod
Steven and Julie

Topic 3 What the Hell is a Jake Paul

Michaela & Obscur blood update


Robert Pattinson Won't Diddle a Dog